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In November 2017, a dedicated group of Omaha volunteers and partners with the Global Leadership Summit gathered for an impromptu conversation about greater unity and collaboration among marketplace leaders attending the Summit. With service, stewardship and creating a world class leadership community top of mind, the group began dreaming about what God wanted to do in and through the missional urgency of Greater Omaha’s city leaders.


This group of passionate Christ-followers who serve in the marketplace and in ministry began meeting bi-monthly, envisioning what God could do through their focus on leaders and their continued leadership development. In 2018, the group’s first initiatives were:


  • Growing active participation in the Global Leadership Summit

  • Hosting Mastermind Groups

  • Formalizing the structure of Omaha Leaders


In August 2019, Omaha Leaders transitioned from a casual group of passionate citizens to a non-profit (501 C3) organization. Omaha Leaders is supported by sacrificial volunteers and generous donors. Nine influential city leaders serve as Board members tasked with the executive, governing, fiduciary and primary working roles of the organization.


Today, countless other respected city leaders serve Omaha Leaders on committee teams by faithfully and generously giving of their time, energy, wisdom, prayer and active service.

"Leadership doesn't happen because you're given a position. It happens because you've made a commitment and you're willing to grow in the skill and the art of leading." 

Les Beauchamp

Senior Pastor, Lifegate Church of Omaha

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