Why We Serve


"I'm passionate about the divine intersection of marketplace and ministry leaders uniting around a central vision to impact our city."



"Serving with Omaha Leaders has allowed me to use the gifts God has blessed me with to serve His Kingdom."


"I love how I am growing as a leader by surrounding myself with other leaders. It's true, iron sharpens iron!"


"I'm interested in meeting new people and surrouding myself with high-level community leaders so I can learn and grow myself."


"I see the missional passion of the Omaha Leaders team and I want to be a part of it."

Serve with Omaha Leaders

Omaha Leaders is led by a visionary strategic Board of Directors who oversee the diligent work of six committees. Our committees have an important role in helping Omaha Leaders achieve its vision and uphold its mission.

No significant or sustained time and energy are needed to serve as a committee member. Committee members should be actively involved in the Omaha Leaders community.

Before you apply to serve with us, please note the following terms on committee membership:

  1. Committee members are appointed for a one-year term. All members serve as private individuals, rather than as representatives of the state or of specific organizations. The Omaha Leaders Board reserves the right to terminate committee membership for cause.

  2. Committee members receive no remuneration for service, time, or travel.

  3. Committee members are expected to maintain excellent communication with their committee chair, attend at least 75% of committee meetings, and provide 48-hour notice if absence is expected.

  4.  Committee members should also be members of the Omaha Leaders organization. For more information about membership, click here.


Chair: Brad Von Gillern


The Development Committee leads and oversees activities related to relational capital and influence in the marketplace. This includes strategic relationship building, garnering support and involvement, and increasing the presence and recognition of Omaha Leaders. Fundraising activities fall under this committee.

Chair: Erin Pearson

Co-Chair: Faye Haggar


The LDI Committees strategizes, coordinates, and plan all events hosted by Omaha Leaders that center on leadership growth and development. This includes our monthly Leaders Lunches, annual Mastermind Groups, and other gatherings specifically including leadership messages, dialogues, and provision of resources to individuals and organizations.

Chair: Toni Clarke


The Engagement Committee encourages new community leaders to plug in to Omaha Leaders, aligning each with a specific committee role that builds upon their God-given strengths and interests.

Chair: Walter Hooker


The City GLS Committee serves city movement efforts related to the Global Leadership Summit. This includes but is not limited to promotional efforts, developing partnerships, pursuing new Summit host sites and supporting current Summit host sites, and service opportunities leading up to, during and after the annual Global Leadership Summit in early August.           

Chair: Katelin Knust


The Communications Committee facilitates all branding and promotional efforts for Omaha Leaders. This team oversees our branding, website, all deliverables and templates, email communications, and social media accounts for our organization.

Chair: Andy Dykhouse


This committee continuously strives to identify the most pressing needs of leaders in our city and provides advanced opportunities for leaders to unite, collaborate and grow together. They are currently working on launching year-long leadership development cohorts. 

Opportunities to Serve

Omaha Leaders committees meet actively each month and currently have additional service opportunities available for community members who believe in and want to actively support our missionHere are our current areas of opportunity. It's worth noting that many of these committee roles can be accomplished with excellence in just 1-2 hours each week.

To learn more about serving with Omaha Leaders, please contact us.



  • 1 Administrative Director

    • gifted in administrative skills

    • enjoys collaboration and group projects

    • detail-oriented

    • ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously

  • 1 Tech Director

    • experience in providing technical support

    • enjoys collaborative problem solving

    • enjoys advising on tech systems and best practice



  • 2 Membership Directors

    • missionally-minded and able to comfortable articulate passion about the vision of Omaha Leaders

    • comfortable and confident in making a financial "ask"​ of potential donors

    • strong  interpersonal skills

  • 1 Membership Coordinator

    • detail-oriented

    • enjoys design and process management



  • 2-3 Social Media Strategists

    • naturally active and engaged on social media​ platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn)

    • interested in curating content of interest to leaders

  • 1 Photographer

    • passion for photography and skilled in basic photo editing​

    • committed to attending organization events throughout the year

  • 1 Email Content Curator

    • experience in or desire to learn skills in distribution list management and communication (MailChimp)​

  • 1 Copywriter

    • passionate about crafting language to bring our brand to life

  • 1 Website Content Manager & Designer

    • committed to regularly updating web content​

    • passionate about maintaining regular communication

    • ability to self-direct and also work collaboratively with a team


"Omaha Leaders cares about our city and the people living in it. I love to serve with this team because I know I'm serving with others who care about Omaha and its people."


Leadership Development Initiatives Committee