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Leaders Lunches happen from 11:30 - 12:30 on the second Thursday of each month September through May.

September 12 in the Christ Community Church Student Center
     Speaker: Andrea Fredrickson, Owner & Executive Business Coach, Revela Group
     Topic: "Finding Your Blind Spots"
October 10 at Good News Church
     Speaker: Aaron Ott, Director of Information Technology, Thrasher Foundation Repair
     Topic: "Diving Deeper to Drive Agency"
November 14 in the Christ Community Church Student Center
     Speaker: Dr. Dele Davies, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Dean for Graduate Studies, University of Nebraska Medical Center
     Topic: "Leading with Emotional Intelligence"
December 12 at Flatland Church
     Speaker: Dr. Janyne Peek Emsick, CEO,
     Topic: "Leading with Your Brain"

2024 Lunches
Spring 2022 Leaders Lunch Series
What to Expect

When you arrive at a Leaders Lunch, you'll be greeted by a member of the Omaha Leaders team. Make sure that you register for the lunch ahead of time to reserve your seat and your meal!

Every leaders lunch begins with a time for you to pick up your meal, choose your seat, and enjoy your lunch while getting to know the other leaders at your table. We also open each gathering with a time of prayer. ​ Feeling uneasy about attending lunch alone? The Omaha Leaders leadership team can be clearly identified by our blue shirts. If you don't have someone to sit with, please choose a chair next to one of us because we're eager to meet and welcome you! ​ ​

After the speaker message has concluded, we intentionally leave space for discussion time around your table. We'll provide a few application questions to get the conversation flowing, but lunch attendees often find that conversations naturally move toward what's going on within their sphere of influence and how the message can be applied.​The result? True community that is igniting city transformation.​

Each leaders lunch features a speaker (often a local business, church, or non-profit leader) who has prepared a message for our audience. You can expect to hear real stories with takeaways from leaders moving people to action daily. 

We've seen you around.
It's time to make this official.

All across the region, influencers and leaders are rising up and uniting to grow themselves, their teams, and their impact. The Omaha Leaders movement is gaining momentum.

If you've attended leaders lunches for awhile, we invite you to help us reach a new level of city transformation by becoming a member of Omaha Leaders today. 

Did we mention you'll save on the price of lunch tickets?

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