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All across the region, influencers and leaders are rising up and uniting to grow themselves, their teams, and their impact. The Omaha Leaders movement is gaining momentum.

Help us pioneer our membership program so we can achieve the next level of city transformation. Become a member of Omaha Leaders today!


We are business and faith leaders committed to growing, serving, and championing leadership in our city.

What We Do


We unite our city's influencers in community.


City unity is orchestrated through local support of the Global Leadership Summit, monthly Leaders Lunches, and annual Mastermind Groups.


We equip influencers by providing actionable leadership content that ignites movement.


Our initiatives include an active Facebook page for leaders, monthly email newslettersand the Certificate of Executive Leadership Program (in partnership with Creighton University.)


Unified and equipped leaders are mobilized to serve our city (and beyond) with Christ-like influence.


We serve our city through city prayer initiatives and the annual CityServe event (in partnership with Within Reach.) We serve our world through our financial support of an emerging leadership movement in North Macedonia. 

Why membership?



  • Our members are the first to hear of new initiatives and opportunities for growth



  • "Champion" members receive regular recognition at events and online



  • Save over 25% on ticket prices to Omaha Leaders events for the upcoming year



  • Recap accomplishments of the past year, learn about upcoming initiatives, and help define future organizational focuses.


Membership Tiers

Grow Membership for individuals

$75 for 1 individual

Champion Membership for organizations

$500 for all full-time and part-time staff of a business, church, or non-profit organization

*All memberships are active for 12

calendar months from the time of registration.


Membership FAQs

How long is my Omaha Leaders membership active?

When you sign up to be a member, whether as an individual or as an organization, your membership is active 12 months from the day you sign up. For example, if you register to be a member on March 24, your membership will be due for renewal one year later, on March 23 of the following calendar year. Membership fees are due in full at the time of renewal and are not prorated.

Which membership option is right for me?

Omaha Leaders currently offers two different membership types: the Grow Membership and the Champion Membership. 1. The Grow Membership (for individuals) -- If you are registering yourself to take advantage of discounted event tickets and connect with the Omaha Leaders community, an individual membership may be right for you. Individual members are the first to hear about and engage in new opportunities, too! 2. The Champion Membership (for organizations) -- If you want your team to get better together, the Champion Membership was designed for you. This level of membership is perfect for businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations, and membership benefits extend to every full-time or part-time member of your staff team. Have members, clients, volunteers, or donors who desire to plug in? They can register for a Grow Membership and attend events alongside your team.

Can I connect with the Omaha Leaders team to ask additional questions?

Definitely! The Omaha Leaders Development Committee would love to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. Please connect with us by emailing

I'm ready to become a member! What's my next step?

Click the link below to sign up for membership today. We can't wait to welcome you!

Champion Members

  • Lueder Construction
  • Midlands Testing Services
  • Who You Are® Leadership Coaching & Consulting
*Pursuant to the bylaws of Omaha Leaders, the current Board of Directors and Officers hold voting privileges. At large "membership", whether individual or organizational, does not include voting rights within the organization.
About Us

Omaha Leaders is a group of business and faith leaders committed to growing, serving, and championing leadership in our city.

Together, we're building a world-class leadership community that creates impact and ignites transformation in Omaha and beyond.

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